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Look to S & J Sports Figurines for handmade collectibles of the most popular sports, taekwondo, and music figures. You’ll be amazed at our high-quality wire and custom made figurines statuettes produced by expert craftsman.


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S & J Sports Figurines offers handmade custom figurines and statuettes at the most affordable prices. For a variety of photos of our products, please visit our gallery page.

Learn About S & J Sports Figurines

S & J Sports Figurines, based in Bloomington, Indiana, has more than 20 years of experience in selling unique, one-of-a-kind figurines and statuettes of sports figures, made from such materials as wire, flat metal, nuts, and bolts.

Contact us in Bloomington, Indiana, for our selection of detailed figurines and statuettes.

Taekwondo Figurines, Music Figurines, Handmade Collectibles | Bloomington, IN
Contact us at (812) 671-0762 in Bloomington, IN, for Taekwondo figurines, music figurines, and handmade collectibles.

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